100% Real Nail Polish with Several Designs to Choose From

100% Real Nail Polish with Several Designs to Choose From

Nails look much better with designs and nail arts. Nowadays, there are plenty of nail designs available that make the nail look very attractive and enhance the overall look. Instead of nail polish, most women choose designs to look good and fashionable. There are many shops and salons available that provide nail designs at affordable costs. Posh Polish is one of the best among them that comes with plenty of designs and patterns to choose from. It is very normal to get confused with these many designs. So, here are some of the best and real nail polish designs given below that you can choose from.


Color Palette Nail Design

This is one of the most trending and stylish nail designs that comes with a stunning look. Compared to all the other ones, this one is simple but looks very good with outfits. With different polish colors pained in every nail, the nail art looks very attractive. You can choose any color you want to match your outfit and stand out. However, it is best to choose the same shade of colors to make it look much more attractive. You can also take ideas from celebrities or social media to paint a good color combination. If you are looking for a place to get them done, visit Posh Polish today!


Glitter Nail Art

Glitter nail designs are one of the most popular ones that look very well. If you want to look edgy and glitzy, then glittery nails are best for you. This nail design helps to bring extra shine to your nails and make the outfits look more glamourous. If you are going to a party or any other events, then it is the best option to choose glitter nail art to look like a glam queen. Glitter nails provide extra shine that helps you to get noticed in the crowd. You can even pair the nails with some other accessories as well on the glitter to make it look a bit more attractive. This is one of the best and real nail polish designs that you can try to look fabulous with any outfit.


Polka Dot Nail Art

Recently, the popularity of this nail design has increased a lot following the shows and events. Many celebrities are seen embrace this nail design to look marvelous in their outfits. Polka dots are very easy to do on nails and come with very good attractive properties. You will need to choose the base color and polka dot color very carefully to match the color combination. You can either paint the dots or use bobby pins to draw them. Using the tip of the bobby pin helps to get the perfect shape and size of the polka dots. The best thing about real nail polish design is it is both elegant and very easy to match with outfits. You do not have to worry about choosing outfits with the polka dot nail art designs.


These are some of the best nail polish designs that you can choose for you to look extraordinary. All of these nail designs are available in Posh Polish at a very affordable price, make sure to visit today and check them out.

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