The Best Nail Art Tips and Tricks

The Best Nail Art Tips and Tricks

Nail art is very popular now all around the world among women mostly. Nail polish has been always a very important part of the overall look. But it evolved and transformed into nail designs and art recently. There are plenty of nail arts and designs available that you can try to make your nail look much more attractive. Before you get yourself a nice nail art, you need to know some tips and tricks to make it better. Here are some of the best nail art tips and tricks are given below.


Make Polka dots with a bobby pin

No matter what design you have, it is always better to add some polka dots. However, many people do not bother to go for this as the process of making polka dots are very hard. Among all the different types, the best way of making a polka dot is by using a bobby pin. Yes, you do not need to go through any hard process to make the polka dots. Just use the tip of a bobby pin to make perfect circles. This is one of the most useful nail art tips that can make your nails look much more attractive.


Always apply a topcoat

When you apply nail art, it looks very good and attractive. However, most of them slowly losses their shine and glossiness after few days due to dust, damages, and others. You can keep them like new for a longer period with the help of a topcoat. Using a top coat on your nail designs helps to protect them from any damage and dirt. They last longer and also look very glossy because of the top layer.


Outline for short nails

While most of the women out there think that outline is only for long nails, it is not correct. You can have great outlines even if you have short nails. You just have to take a tape, cut it based on your desire size of the outline and apply it on the nail before painting. Now, paint the whole nails and design them as you wish with the tape on. Let the design or polish dry for some time and wipe off the tape of the nail. Now, you have an outline that you can paint as you want to make the nail art look more beautiful. This is one of the best nail art tips that will help women who have short nails.


Match with outfits

Although there are plenty of designs and colors out there that you can choose for your nails, matching colors and designs always look better. With the help of different tools, you can choose flowers, hearts, sparkles, musical tones, butterflies, and others to match it perfectly with your outfit. You can take the help of stickers to get them on your nails instead of paint.

These are some of the best nail art tips and tricks that you need to know before getting nail art done.

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